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5 Daily Tech Stories That Filmmakers (and Film Fans) Must Read: Mega Merger, Sailor Moon on Hulu, and More

By Taylor Lindsay | Indiewire May 19, 2014 at 5:55PM

Here are the top five tech stories for filmmakers and film fans for the day, including news about the AT&T-DirectTV merger and more.
Sailor Moon

1. AT&T and DirecTV: A behemoth is born. AT&T announced Sunday that it's acquiring DirecTV, creating a telecom and TV giant with this latest mega-merger. By all appearances, it's yet another attempt to build bulk as consumers look to the Internet for their needs - but this one came at the price of a $49 billion deal. “The industry needs more competition, not more mergers,” said John Bergmayer, a senior staff lawyer at Public Knowledge, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group. “We’ll have to analyze this one carefully for potential harms both to the video programming and the wireless markets.” Read more about what this merger means here

2. Google/YouTube and Twitch: And it looks like AT&T isn't alone on the prowl. It's too early to say for sure, but Google/YouTube apparently wants the increasingly popular, the service that allows gamers to watch other gamers play live. The price is purportedly 1 billion. Read more here

3. Hulu Gets 'Sailor Moon:' is about to bring an iconic Japanese icon back into US viewership. "Sailor Moon" will stream on Hulu (starting with the first four episodes) today, with more episodes to come on subsequent Mondays. The deal also means that the fifth season ("Sailor Stars") will become available, which will mark its arrival to North America for the first time. Read more here

4. BitTorrent Goes Hollywood: BitTorrent partnered with Alan and Gabriel Polsky to release a bundle for their indie drama "The Motel Life," starring Stephen Dorff and Dakota Fanning. The bundle with include exclusive interviews with those stars and more, and will also include bonus footage, storyboards, and a signed shooting script. Check it out here.

5. Top Indies in ITunes: The top 10 indies on Itunes include some new and old additions this week. "Her" tops the list, "The Double" finishes it, and a newcomer "A Night in Old Mexico" landed at number four. Read more here

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