"Boardwalk Empire"
HBO "Boardwalk Empire"

1. Netflix to HBO: Netflix has some advice for HBO: offer a subscription. At a Goldman Sachs conference on Wednesday, Netflix CFO David Wells suggested that HBO would be wise to offer subscriptions directly over the internet, as Netflix does, according to GigaOm. "We believe that if they were direct-to-consumer, there would be materially more subscribers that would pay for it in the U.S.," Wells said. It's worth noting that Netflix now has close to 30 million domestic subscribers, compared to HBO's 28 million subscribers in the U.S.

2. YouTube Music: Good news for filmmakers looking for music to accompany their videos. Thanks to YouTube's newly launched YouTube Audio Library, you now have access to more than 150 royalty-free instrumental tracks you can use for free -- and not just for your YouTube video. Read more about it here.

Guitarist Oscar Rodriguez lays down a track for the YouTube Audio Library
YouTube Guitarist Oscar Rodriguez lays down a track for the YouTube Audio Library

3. JumpCam: A new mobile app launching today will make it easier to produce collaborative videos. Launching today on iOS and available soon on Google Play, JumpCam allows multiple users to edit together up to 30 collaborative videos of up to 10-seconds each. Read more about it at TechCrunch

4. VOD Titles: Ever wonder why so many VOD titles start with the letter "A" or numbers? We solve the mystery for you. Read about the VOD name game and how to make it work for your film.

5. Watch This: In case you missed it yesterday, we wrote about "Box," a new short film which gives you an idea of the creative possibilities of project-mapping -- and did we mention there are robots?! Check it out below: