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1. Amazon Patent: No, it's not an Onion headline. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has just granted Amazon the IP ownership of shooting and photographing against a seamless white backdrop (see example above). Really! Read about it here.

2. Kubrick's "2001" VFX Partner Introduces New Technology: Douglas Trumbull, the visual effects artist best known for his work on Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey," now has a new short film that showcases technology that could revolutionize the world of cinema. Read more about it here.

3. Final Season of "Futurestates:" The series of online digital shorts will be back for a fifth and final season with eight new sci-fi stories occurring in an immersive futuristic story world, available to stream for free at Read more about it here.

4. Ted Hope Web Series: One of the most prominent independent filmmakers working today, Ted Hope plans to reinvent Hollywood by partnering up with Reinventors to create a web series aptly entitled "Reinvent Hollywood." Read more about it here.

5. POV Hackathon 6: The projects and participants of POV Hackathon 6 have been announced, with the event set to take place in Los Angeles where five groups of media makers and technologists will attempt to reinvent the documentary genre over the course of one weekend. Read more about it here.