1979 Revolution: Black Friday
iNK Studios 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

1. Top Indies in iTunes: Each Monday we present you with the list of top 10 indies in the iTunes store. This week, "Blackfish" tops the list. See the full list here.

2. Top Gear for Filmmakers: POV recently surveyed 147 documentary filmmakers (directors, producers, cinematographers and editors) to find out what equipment and documentary tools filmmakers find indispensable in the field. We've got the results of the survey here.

3. The Killing: "The Killing" proves to be unkillable as Netflix orders a six-episode season of the crime drama. Indiewire TV editor Alison Willmore reports on the news and outlines the show's trajectory so far. 

4. PlayStation 4s: The PlayStation 4s is off to a strong start, selling over a million consoles in the first 24 hours, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide studios for Sony Computer Entertainment, tweeted on Sunday.

5. Iran: 1979: The Iranian revolution is being turned into a video game. The project, "1979 Revolution: Black Friday" will be directed by Grand Theft Auto creative Navid Khonsari and voiced by cast members from "Argo" and "Homeland." Khonsari and his production team at INK Stories have turned to Kickstarter to raise $395,000. According to the Kickstarter page, "at the base level of funding, 1979 Revolution will be developed for iOS, with a target release of Spring 2014." Navid Negahban, who plays Abu Nazir on "Homeland" and Farshad Farahat of "Argo" will provide voice talent. 

Check out the Kickstarter video below: