1. Vine Challenge: Mashable has created a Vine challenge, in collaboration with the Broadway musical "If/Then," that invites users to submit a six second video that depicts some sort of chain reaction. Whether it be laying dominoes out a table and watching them fall or sharing a personal story, the challenge is about the way some things often lead to others. 

2. ScreenHits: For those who've always wanted to watch pilots for TV shows that were never picked up, a new startup, called ScreenHits, has created a streaming service that will always viewers to watch these unaired shows. According to Variety, Fox International Channels, Hasbro, Lionsgate, Relativity and Telemundo have teamed up with ScreenHits for the project. 

3. Oculus Rift Sued: ZeniMax, a game publishing company most known for owning id Software and Bethesda, is suing the creators of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The company claims that Oculus infringed on their trademarks and patents for the technology. Read more about the suit at Mashable.

4. FlixFling: North America’s largest privately held streaming service, FlixFling has announced a new fund that will allow them to acquire films for its streaming service as well as for U.S. theatrical release through Invincible Pictures (its parent company). This announcement was made in Cannes, where the company hopes to acquire anywhere from one to five films. 

5. Ebay: Although the company asserts that no information has been leaked, Ebay is asking customers to change their passwords after becoming aware of a cyberattack that is capable of revealing customers' names, passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. Read more at The Hollywood Reporter.