An image from Ben Lewis' "Google and the World Brain."
An image from Ben Lewis' "Google and the World Brain."

1. The Man From Earth: In another example of how piracy can actually help filmmakers, "The Man From Earth" co-producer and director Richard Schenkman explains how illegal pirating helped his film break even and fueled a Kickstarter campaign for a sequel. Read his story here.

2. Google and the World Brain: We're excited to see the new doc, "Google and the World Brain," which explores Google's project to create a global library. The doc is showing as part of the Applied Science section of NYFF51. You can see the trailer here.

3. How Not to Do a Kickstarter: It's been called "probably the worst Kickstarter campaign ever made" and we breakdown the reasons why Linda Stuart's campaign for "Kate Allen Is Getting A Life" doesn't work. Find out what not to do on Kickstarter here.

4. Amazon Instant Video: Amazon Instant Video in iOs has added AirPlay support  so that users can now stream to Apple TV. The update also integrates the app with IMDB, also owned by Amazon.

5. Takei's Take: George Takai is getting his own YouTube show, "Takei's Take," a new series about technology sponsored by the AARP channel. You can see his first episode, in which he tests out Google Glass, below:

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