Still from 'The Crash Reel'
Phase 4 Films Still from 'The Crash Reel'

1. GIFs and More GIFs: Seems everyone is getting into the GIF action. If you look at the Vimeo Staff Picks Channel, you might wonder if something is wrong with your eyes. The image appears to be moving... and it is! Vimeo explained on their staff blog that "As an experiment, we’re adding animated thumbnails to select Staff Pick videos going forward. Mostly, we want to know if people find animated thumbnails compelling — on a basic visceral level, is this something your eyeballs enjoy?" Meanwhile, Pinterest said they will support animated GIFs as well.

2. "Crash Reel" BitTorrent Bundle: In partnership with Phase4 Films and PictureMotion, BitTorrent will release never-before-seen footage from Lucy Walker's documentary "The Crash Reel" in the new BitTorrent Bundle, including features videos of injured snowboarder (and "The Crash Reel" subject) Kevin Pearce, deleted scenes, alternate endings, trailers, and four movie posters. Fans can also unlock an exclusive Burton film from 1987, as well as the Sundance filmmaker Q&A. Find out more about the new "The Crash Reel" Bundle here.

3. X-Rated Film Restoration: When we think of film restoration and preservation, we generally think of classics from the early days of cinema, not X-rated movies from the 70s and 80s. But, The New York Times reports, Vinegar Syndrome, is devoted to cataloging, restoring and releasing old X-rated films for the home video and theatrical markets. Over the next year, the company has plans to restore and release around 40 DVDs, the majority of which will be vintage X-rated films.

4. iRig Mic HD: iRig® Mic HD, billed as the first high-quality digital handheld microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, was introduced today by IK Multimedia, a global technology company. It's an update to the popular iRig Mic. Find out more about it here.

5. How I Shot That: Don't miss our "How I Shot That" series of interviews with cinematographers at Sundance 2014 talking about what cameras they used, the most difficult shot, their favorite DPs and more.