Academy Picks 11 Winners of Student Academy Awards

by Christopher Henderson

The Student Academy Awards will be given to 11 recipients. Credit: courtesy Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the 11 winners of its 30th-annual Student Academy Awards. Award winners were revealed in five categories: narrative, documentary, animation, alternative, and honorary foreign. The films range from an animated short about a vegetable's search for family to a documentary about AIDS orphans in Kenya.

In June, the students will participate in a week-long celebration in Los Angeles which includes industry-related activities and social events and culminates on June 8 with an awards ceremony at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. At the ceremony the Academy will announce gold ($5,000), silver ($3,000), and bronze ($2,000) winners. The honorary foreign film winner, selected from 38 entries made in 25 different countries, will receive a $1000 grant.

The 2003 winners are:


"fine." - Michael Downing and Philip Svoboda, American Film Institute

"Jesus Henry Christ" - Dennis Lee, Columbia University

"La Milpa" - Patricia Riggen, Columbia University


"Indiana Aria" - Elizabeth Pollock, University of California, Berkeley

"Left Behind" - Christof Putzel, Connecticut College

"Those Who Trespass" - Renee Fischer, Stanford University


"The Projects Lumiere" - Waleed Moursi, California Institute of Arts


"Bert" - Moonsong Lee, San Francisco Academy of Art

"Perpetual Motion" - Kimberly Miner, Rochester Institute of Technology

"A Work In Progress" - Wes Ball, Florida State University

Honorary Foreign Film:

"The Red Jacket" - Florian Baxmeyer, University of Hamburg, Germany