'The Priest's Children'

Adopt Films has picked up the rights to "The Priest's Children," the distribution company announced today. The film follows a priest who becomes a beloved member of his community when he attempts to fix the declining birth rate on his Dalmation Island town in outrageous and slightly unethical ways, which involve poking holes in condoms and switching vitamins for birth-control pills. Since opening in Croatia at the beginning of the year, the satirical film has already gone to be the third highest-grossing film in the nation's history since achieving independence in the 1990's.

In a joint statement Adopt Films president Tim Grady and Executive VP, Marketing & Distribution Lipsky opined: “Vinko’s film is simply a pure delight.  At once surprising and thoroughly satisfying, it introduces no fewer than a dozen characters who provoke belly-laughs while they melt your heart.  We could not be more pleased to satisfy spring fever next year by introducing this perfect film to the American moviegoing public.”

Adopt Films are planning a late winter or early spring release of the film.