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by Nigel M Smith
December 12, 2013 11:49 AM
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Alice Eve on Why Neil La Bute's 'Some Velvet Morning' Marks a 'Personal Watershed' For Her

"Some Velvet Morning" Tribeca Film

At 31, Alice Eve is at a new, exciting stage in her career. The London-born, California-raised actress has for the past decade been making a name for herself in Hollywood by playing eye candy in films like "She's Out of My League," "Men in Black 3," "Sex and the City 2," and most recently "Stark Trek Into Darkness," where she caused fanboys to go weak in the knees by stripping down to her undies. In Neil La Bute's micro-budget shocker "Some Velvet Morning" (out this Friday in select theaters and currently available on VOD), Eve proves she's so much more than that.

In the almost unbearably tense drama, Eve plays a beautiful former mistress to Fred (Stanley Tucci), who finds herself in a precarious spot when Fred shows up unannounced at her door demanding they talk. The chess game that unfolds over the next hour and a half is provocative and mega disturbing, recalling the acidic vibe of La Bute's acclaimed debut, "In the Company of Men." As a woman who's not all she seems to be, Eve is sensational in a part that asks a lot of her, both physically and emotionally. (Saying any more about the film, or her role, would ruin the film's many surprises.)

Indiewire sat down with Eve at the offices of Tribeca Film, the company distributing the picture, to discuss the breakthrough performance and her career up to this point.

Do you see this as a breakthrough role?

Yeah I suppose I do. It was a breakthrough in terms of a personal watershed I guess of being brave and scared and raw -- all of those things coming together. And feeling safe that I had the environment where that could happen successfully. I feel safe with Neil, I trust him very much. So yeah I think it was.

Had you felt a struggle career-wise prior to this? You've worked steadily since graduating from Oxford in film and theater, but Stateside it seems casting directors have you pegged as eye candy. This film proves you're the real deal.

"Some Velvet Morning" Tribeca Film

A career is a struggle to build and complex to navigate. You get cast in what you get cast and you take that for a while because it's interesting because you never played it before. So I did "Starter for 10" and I did "She's Out of My League" and then I was like, 'Well I don't think i want to do that anymore. And then yes, you have to turn the ship around a little bit. That takes work and navigation and working out what you want to explore. Then I met Neil and I wanted -- he had the ideas and I didn't know they were the ones that I'd want but I did. So it was him really that had the ideas and I'm lucky to be able to work with him.

How did you navigate that ship when first starting out?

Well I guess my first movie in America was "Crossing Over" and she was pretty dark and that was a pretty twisted tale. But that didn't become the movie it should have been. And then I did "She's Out of My League" and that one, I loved that film. It's a sweet film and I have a lot of time for entertainment's sake. It's taken me through a lot of stuff in my life, entertainment, it's a great source of comfort and pleasure. I believe in it and I'm a populist, so I will always return to that, always. That being said, life makes you complex, life is complex and you realize that your art can be a catharsis in other ways as well and you can go to places that are more painful and learn things from that as well. And so I think what it takes is that you end up saying no a lot. You end up not working basically to get where you want to be. You end up taking time out until something comes along that is right.

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