At the conclusion of the 49th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival, the fest announced the following award winners for their various awards, which each come with a cash prize. The Michigan festival, around for nearly a half-century, is one of the leading festival venues for experimental work. Jury members for this year's festival were Stephen Connolly, Rebecca Meyers and Vanessa Renwick.

The complete list of winners follows:

Ken Burns Award Best of the Festival - $3,000
Jan Villa (Natasha Mendonca, 2010)

Stan Brakhage Film at Wit's End Award - $1,000
Drifter (Timoleon Wilkins, 2010)

Gus Van Sant Award Best Experimental Film - $1,000
In The Absence of Light, Darkness Prevails (Fern Silva, 2010)

Michael Moore Award Best Documentary Film - $1,000

Disorder (Huang Weikai, 2009)

Lawrence Kasdan Award Best Narrative Film - $1,000
Home Movie (Braden King, 2009)

Chris Frayne Award Best Animated Film - $1,000
Hand Soap (Kei Oyama, 2009)

The Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award Emerging Experimental Video Artist - $1,000
I Touched Her Legs (Eva Marie Rødbro, 2010)

Prix DeVarti Funniest Film - $1,000
The Mechanism of Spring (Atsushi Wada, 2010)
In A Pig’ s Eye (Atsushi Wada, 2010)

Art & Science Award - $750
Trypps #7 (Badlands) (Ben Russell, 2010)

Peter Wilde Award Most Technically Innovative Film - $500
These Hammers Don’ t Hurt Us (Michael Robinson, 2010)

\aut\FI LM Award Best LGBT Film - $500
Covered (John Greyson, 2009)

Award for Best Sound Design - $500
Get Out Of The Car (Thom Andersen, 2010)

Kodak/Grace & Wild Imaging Award for Best Cinematography - $3,000
[$1,500 of film plus $1,500 processing]
Castaic Lake (Brigid McCaffrey, 2010)

Tom Berman Award Most Promising Filmmaker - $1,000
Aliki (Richard Wiebe, 2010)

George Manupelli Founder's Spirit Award - $500
A Family Portrait (Joseph Pierce, 2009)

The Eileen Maitland Award - $500
Hepworth (Alexis Bravos, 2011)

The No Violence Award - $512
Atlantiques (Mati Diop, 2010)

Award for Best International Film - $500
Vargtimmen - After a Scene by Ingmar Bergman (Georg Tiller, 2010)

Award for Best Music Video - $500
I Say Fever (Ramona Falls) (Stefan Nadelman, 2009)

Jury Awards (named by jurors)

The Radiant Grace Award - $550
Little Brother (Callum Cooper, 2010)

The Flood of Love Award - $500

The Florestine Collection (Helen Hill, Paul Gailiunas, 2011)

The Looking and Listening Award - $200 each
Broad Channel (Sarah J. Christman, 2010)
New Year Sun (Jonathan Schwartz, 2010)

The Innie Outie Award - $200
PINK (Soon-Mi Yoo, 2011)

The On the Fly Award - $200
Ray’s Birds (Deborah Stratman, 2010)

The Double Documentary Award - $200

28.IV.81 (Descending Figures) (Christopher Harris, 2011)

The Actuality Award - $200

Make It New, John (Duncan Campbell, 2009)