BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent, the creators of the p2p (person-to-person) torrent protocol that so riles the entertainment industries as they seek to cut down on torrent distribution, has just announced that their new protocol, BitTorrent Sync, is in beta.  After doing private alpha testing for several months, the developers are ready to allow anyone to download the software from the BitTorrent Labs website.

Unlike the torrents that users want to share, the new protocol encrypts the p2p exchange so that users can share it only with other specified users. The service might be good for anyone looking to remotely collaborate with files, particularly for video projects in post-production that need to exchange video content remotely over the Internet.  Many of the leading platforms used to sync files store files in the cloud and therefore have a storage limit.

Got questions?  The BitTorrent team is keeping a list of FAQs up to date in their forums.