Hamptons Film Festival

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The Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) announced this morning that the submission process for its 24th year has officially begun. Documentary filmmakers may especially want to pay attention to the festival this year as HIFF is an Academy Award-qualifying festival for the Documentary Short Subject award. Screening your documentary short at the festival will make it eligible for the Oscar even if the short doesn't end up getting theatrical distribution.

HIFF has been granted the opportunity in light of its successful year of short films in 2015. Specifically, three of this year's Oscar nominated short documentaries were selected at the festival: "Spectres of the Shoah," "Body Team 12" and "Last Day of Freedom." 

David Nugent, the Hamptons International Film Festival Program Director, said in an official statement: "We are honored to now have two of our award categories recognized by the Academy [...] Each year this festival grows, making it even more exciting to see the wealth of talent and art it attracts."

The 24th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival takes place October 6- 10. Click here for more information about HIFF.

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