Amazon Studios

Ever dreamed of making your short film into a feature length project or series? Well, starting today, Amazon Studios will accept your shorts (or "concept videos," as they're calling them) in the hope of finding a compelling idea for a feature film or episodic series that they will produce. They've been accepting scripts for a while now -- what's new is the video element.

Here's how it works: Filmmakers are invited to submit 2-15 minute videos to the Amazon Studios site; the process works just like script submission. Creators can submit either privately or publicly.

After that there is a 45-day option and evaluation period, during which Amazon decides whether they'll option your project or not. If they decide to buy it (and its associated rights) they'll pay $200,000 for a movie script, and $55,000 if it's a script for an episodic series. 

For more info on their venture and for instructions on how to submit click HERE.