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Attention, Filmmakers: Here's How to Shoot Your Film Using Flashlights

Photo of Paula Bernstein By Paula Bernstein | Indiewire July 10, 2014 at 11:29AM

DIY filmmaker Joey Shanks shows you how to use household flashlights to shoot your film.

Who needs expensive lights to shoot an indie film? Not Joey Shanks. In his series of instructional videos produced in association with PBS Digital Studios, Shanks shows other DIY filmmakers how to create special effects using household objects. In his latest video, "Flashlight Cinematography," Shanks shows you how to light your scene with flashlights.

Over on YouTube, Shanks said that he's "always incorporated flashlights in my lighting arsenal. And with LED lights getting more powerful, you now can light people and make it look professional. All you need is a few gadgets and some imagination."

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So go ahead and try this at home, kids!

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