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Seed&Spark, the crowdfunding and streaming platform has partnered with Tugg Inc., the direct to theater distribution company, to organize a seminar on crowd funding for filmmakers. Called "Crowdfunding to Build Independence," the seminars will take place in cities around the country as well as film festivals including Las Vegas Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festivals, Vancuver International Film Festival, Flyway Film Festival and Austin Film Festival. 

"Crowdfunding is becoming a fundamental piece of the financing plan for independent film. However, many filmmakers miss both the opportunity to turn their funding campaign into an audience-building tool and the chance to use it as groundwork for theatrical distribution that they can control," said Emily Best, Founder and CEO of Seed&Spark. "Since the only proven path to true independence as an artist is a direct connection to your audience, we’re investing in the future of independence by helping filmmakers cultivate and grow that crucial connection from the initial idea for the film to the distribution and beyond."

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The seminar seeks to provide attendees with insights on developing and distributing with the modern tool of crowdfunding. "A filmmaker's greatest asset," said Tugg CEO Nicolas Gonda, "is the community they foster. We're thrilled to be joining forces with Seed&Spark to evaluate what it takes for filmmakers to achieve real results through mass collaboration with their fans."