New Museum XFR STN

As a part of their new exhibition XFR STN (Transfer Station), the New Museum will be allowing video makers and other artists who have their work saved on outmoded digital forms to recover their work with the help of some digital restoration experts and archivists.

All work recovered in the project must be created by the artist who is bringing the material to the museum, and all work will be uploaded directly to the Internet Archive, allowing it to be accessed by the public.

The formats supported by the XFR STN include:

Moving Image (NTSC only):

  • VHS
  • 3/4" U-Matic
  • Betacam SP
  • Hi-8
  • MiniDV


  • 3.5” Floppy Disk
  • 5.25” Floppy Disk
  • Zip Disk
  • JAZ Disk
  • Compact Disc
  • SCSI and IDE Hard drives

The museum is also hosting a few roundtables about digital preservation, restoration and archiving, which can all be found on the Events tab of the exhibition page

Artists can sign up to have the data on their old discs and tapes recovered by visiting the exhibit's website here.