Ashes and Embers

Array Releasing, the Los Angeles-based film collective, has announced a partnership with Netflix for the release of the Haile Gerima-directed classic, “Ashes and Embers.”

The Ava Duvernay-led distribution company has focused on the amplification of diversity in film and is seemingly doing a fine job at increasing their visibility by collaborating with such a massive platform like Netflix. The film, after all, had never been released until being recently unveiled at screenings, and will at last make its debut on the streaming platform soon.

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"Ashes and Embers" is about an African-American army veteran who is forced to face his traumatizing past all the while dealing with the present reality of political chaos. Ultimately, he has to retrace his steps as he attempts to forge a future. 

The release of the film is certainly timely, especially when the messages of the timeless film continue to mirror today's cultural climate of political unrest and racial tensions. Directed by Haile Gerima — who Martin Scorcese himself has called "a master" — "Ashes and Embers" will surely be one to look out for.

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