Avignon/NY Fest Unveils Lineup, Seminars

by indieWIRE

[This page will be updated as more information is made available.]

Organizers for the Avignon/New York Film Festival have announced the lineup
for the 1998 event.

"Affliction" by Paul Schrader - Opening Night (Tentative)

"Too Tired To Die" by Wonsuk Chin - Opening Night

"Louis and Frank" by Axexandre Rockwell - Closing Night

U.S. Films

"A, B, C...Manhattan," by Amir Naderi

"The Big Empty" by Jack Perez

"Digging to China" by Timothy Hutton

"George B." by Eric Leav
"Once We Were Strangers" by Emanuele Crialese

"Origin of the Species" by Andrès Heinz

"Mob Queen" by Jon Carnoy

"No Sex Last Night" by Sophie Calle and Greg Shephard

"Wrestling With Alligators" by Laurie Weltz

French Films

"Artemisia," by Agnes Merlet

"La Voie est Libre" ("The Track is Free") by Stéphane Clavier

"Petits Desordres Amoureux" ("Little Sexual Disorders") by Olivier Péray

"Tempet Dans un Verre de l'eau" ("Tempest in a Teapot") by Arnold Backus

"Thérapie Russe" ("Russian Therapy") by Eric Véniard

"Sous les Pieds des Femmes" ("Under Women's Feet") by Rachida Krim

"Violetta, Reine de la Moto" ("Violetta, Motorcycle Queen") by Guy


Samuel Fuller:

"Underground USA"

"Steel Helmet"

"Park Row"

"White Dog"

Paul Schrader:


"Light Sleeper"

"Blue Collar"

"American Gigolo"

Alexandre Rockwell:


"Somebody to Love"

Larry Cohen:

"Private Lives of J. Edgar Hoover"

"Return to Salem's Lot"