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by Nigel M Smith
September 7, 2012 8:50 AM
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'Bachelorette' Funny Lady Isla Fisher on Why 'Overconfident Dum-Dums' Have All the Fun

Isla Fisher at the NYC premiere of "Bachelorette" hosted by The Peggy Siegal Company and sponsored by SVEDKA. Dave Allocca/Starpix
If you thought Isla Fisher was a jaw-dropping riot as Rachel McAdams' virginal and completely deranged sister in the hit comedy "Wedding Crashers," then prepare to fall in love with her all over again in "Bachelorette," playwright Leslye Headland's crass, dark and hilarious feature-film writing-directing debut.

In the comedy (out today and currently available on VOD), Fisher plays Katie, a depressed retail slave with a penchant for coke, pills and booze. On the eve of her good friend's wedding, Katie and her two best gal pals (played by Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan) manage to rip the bride's dress, forcing the three to embark on a late-night quest to solve their dilemma.

"Bachelorette" Radius
In a movie full of great turns (Dunst is a deadpan delight and Caplan is a total uninhibited force on-screen), Fisher's stands out as unequivocally the funniest of the bunch. The actress (and wife of Sacha Baron Cohen, with whom she shares two children) called in to Indiewire to discuss the challenges of playing a coke fiend, her love for "dum-dums" and that time Dunst mistook her husband for a server at the Oscars.

Back when "Bachelorette" played at Sundance, it was met with a pretty divisive response. Folks either go with it or are turned off by how vile the characters act. Were you surprised by the varying reactions?

Yeah, you always expect that, you know. And you want a movie to open a conversation, so it’s awesome when it does. But all my experience through interviewers has been that it’s straight men who love the movie the most, which is very surprising to me.

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With that said, what did your husband think of the script? Did he read it prior to you taking the part?

He didn’t read the script, but he really laughs whenever he sees the movie.

"Kirsten had thought that my husband was a waiter. She had asked him to get the drinks, because I guess at that point, no one knew what Borat looked like without the mustache."
Given that this marks Leslye's film debut, what made you take that leap? The script's killer, but there was no way of knowing how she'd fare as a first-time director.

Um, you know, just to be perfectly honest, it made sense logistically. I was in New York while Sacha shot “The Dictator.” This was shooting in New York. It was nights, so I wouldn’t be away from my kids. And it was 20 days or something, so as unexciting as it sounds, once you have a family, they’re your priorities. And it was also a written-by-a-woman, directed-by-a-woman project. And I can’t help it. I’m just wanting to do those kind of ventures, because I really want to encourage female student filmmakers with a voice to get out there. I think there’s always an audience that wants to see that. I think it’s very rare. And I think that’s what’s great about a movie like “Bridesmaids.” Even though this obviously was based on “The Seven Deadly Sins,” a play by Leslye Headland and it’s been around a very long time before “Bridesmaids” was even conceived, the fact that “Bridesmaids” was such a huge commercial success and was such a great movie, I think it’s definitely opened people’s minds to this movie, which we really appreciate.

Did Leslye have you, Kirsten and Lizzy hang out prior to shooting or was it just a meet, greet and shoot type of thing?

It was a meet, greet and shoot. I’d met Kirsten Dunst at a premiere, actually — or, no, at the Oscars. I was there with my husband. He was nominated for “Borat.” And I went to the bathroom and when I returned he was carrying a tray of drinks. It turned out that Kirsten had thought that my husband was a waiter. She had asked him to get the drinks, because I guess at that point no one knew what Borat looked like without the mustache. But anyway, it was a very funny story that really got us giggling.

Did you give her a hard time when you met her?

No, no. It was hilarious.
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