Radius "Bachelorette"

You make for a frighteningly believable coke fiend. Have you ever done the stuff?

No, I've never done cocaine, never even really seen it. What was worrying when I asked my friends who had done cocaine what cocaine was like, they were all very surprised to hear that I hadn't done cocaine because I guess they presumed that my upbeat energetic bubbly personality was actually enhanced by cocaine. So once I clarified the situation we all had a bit of a giggle.

With the drunk acting, Kirsten taught us how to stand on the spot and spin, and then you end up feeling really dizzy, and that helps you to feel disoriented and drunk. And then with the coke acting, you just really speed up your voice and just imagine that you're very hyperactive and that kind of seems to do the trick.

But, you know, from an acting point of view the movie was actually quite difficult, because we had to plot where we were at each point in the film, you know, physically. So sometimes we were drunk and coked, or then we were just drunk, or then stoned and coked and drunk, or then just drunk and stoned, or stoned and coked so not drunk. And it was a sort of strangely detailed map I had to draw in my head in order to remember where I was and everything.

"I'd say I'm sporadically driven with great results when I'm so inclined. But I'm also somebody who really enjoys and needs down time."

Did Leslye give you any pointers? She's very open about her past with the media.

Yeah, she did, but she was incredibly busy. When you shoot an independent movie you have a very limited amount of time and you don't want to be that actor, when a poor director is trying to get through a movie, that you're asking at every second to discuss performance. This isn't the movie where you have a luxurious week rehearsal period where you can explore the relationships and discuss. It's just get on the horse and gallop.

But you all still had a total blast I'm guessing?

You know, it was for me. I gotta say, it's such a contrast from my everyday life as a mom. It was just a wild, fun bunch of night shoots.

Now, going back to your bubbly nature that led your friends to believe you were a coke addict. Who do you attribute your unwavering energy and drive to?

That's such a compliment! I don't know about drive... I wouldn't say I'm consistently driven. I'd say I'm sporadically driven with great results when I'm so inclined. But I'm also somebody who really enjoys and needs down time. And I think I just have naturally, I don't know, maybe it's nervous energy. I just, I run around a lot. I don't know, I really don't know who to attribute it to. Maybe my mom? I think maybe if you knew my mom, maybe you'd think we were similar.