Magnolia Pictures has confirmed its deal for Barbet Schroeder's feature-length doc, "Terror's Advocate," in a deal with sales company Wild Bunch. The film, produced by Rita Dagher is about Jacques Verges, described by Wild Bunch as, "the highly controversial French lawyer, war veteran, revolutionary, agitator and intellectual popularly known as 'The Devil's Advocate'." The controversial figure is known for, in the words of the company, "his persistent defense of those many perceive as the indefensible." In a statement, Magnolia president Eamonn Bowles said, "We're very excited to be co-producing 'Terror's Advocate' with Barbet Schroeder and Wild Bunch. This is a fascinating story that speaks in a timeless manner to some of the most complex issues in world politics today. Barbet's clear eyed sensibilities, coupled with his sense of humor and absurdity, are the perfect match for this explosive subject matter." [Eugene Hernandez]