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by Cameron Sinz
February 5, 2013 12:58 PM
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'Bellflower' Team Announces New Film and Crowdfunding Campaign

Chuck Hanks and The San Diego Twins Coatwolf Productions

Coatwolf Productions, the production team that created the 2011 Sundance hit "Bellflower," announced today the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign for their next film, the excellently titled "Chuck Hank and The San Diego Twins."

The full-length feature, described as "a surrealist action/drama influenced heavily by '80s action films and side-scrolling fighting games," follows a San Diego turf war between two rival gangs. Director Jonathan Keevil says of the film "we want to create a visually rich world that honors, but doesn't exploit, a time when a street fight necessitated brass knuckles, chains, cut-off jean jackets, and HUGE Mohawks."

The campaign, powered by popular crowdfunding hub Indigogo, offers a variety of perks for those who wish to support the production, ranging from personal thank-yous and Blu-rays of the finished film to premiere tickets and an opportunity to shadow the filmmakers through the entire production.

For more information on the film, campaign, and Coatwolf Productions and to donate visit their official website HERE.

Watch the campaign video below:


  • Fed | February 7, 2013 12:53 AMReply

    Crowdfunding has become ridiculous now. I'm now seeing established guys asking for money to do "proof of concept" films when I know for a fact they're already rich from their past projects and living in big houses. They're making a mockery of this whole crowdfunding thing.

  • crystal | February 7, 2013 3:56 AM

    i know these guys personally and they are broke as @#$#

  • jingmei | February 6, 2013 10:34 AMReply

    Sounds like this is just a purely real indie film.

  • GWL | February 5, 2013 7:31 PMReply

    Starring Olivia Taylor Dudley? As in, the coolest, sexiest girl around (and also Glodell's gal)? I'm in!

  • Tim Timson | February 5, 2013 5:05 PMReply

    It's been done in Japan already:

  • Grant Beaudette | February 5, 2013 2:22 PMReply

    You mean I have the honor of giving away my money to see a more pretentious version of "The FP"? Awesome!

  • veronica vogler | February 5, 2013 4:58 PM

    You read my mind!