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Berlinale 'Hustle': 10 Things David O. Russell, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper Shared In Berlin

Photo of Peter Knegt By Peter Knegt | Indiewire February 8, 2014 at 1:25PM

10 things David O. Russell, Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale shared about "American Hustle" in Berlin.

David O. Russell on how Jennifer Lawrence's character was originally intended to die:  "Jennifer Lawrence's character at one point was going to have a much darker demise. She was going to hang herself. I thought, 'that's great, that's really dark and heavy.' And so the stunt department would come in and ask where the rope and the hook were going to go. 'Is the rope going to go here or over the dining room table. We gotta hang the rope?' And then all of a sudden it just didn't feel right."

Christian Bale in Berlin.
Christian Bale in Berlin.

Bradley Cooper on working with Jennifer Lawrence: David and I both had the opportunity to work with Jennifer on "Silver Linings Playbook." And we were sort of amazed at this creature's ability to be a sort of young girl and this sort of wise older person at the same time. She has an effortless way of being on set and in the scene. Talent drips off of her. It was a very easy way of working.

David O. Russell on how Darren Aronofsky helped him get his head out of his ass: "I personally have had two phases of my filmmaking career. I was here with 'Three Kings' in 1999 and then I decided 'let's make a metaphysical film.' Which did okay. It didn't succeed like I wanted it to. And then I met Darren Aronofsky after he made 'The Wrestler.' I said 'what happened, you're doing so good.' He said 'I got my head out of my ass.' And that can happen to anybody. Your head can go up your ass because you're afraid of failure or there's pressure the more movies you make. So I kind of lost my way as a storyteller."

Christian Bale on Russell's recent work: "I think the thing that resonates so much for me with what David has been telling stories about recently is just the fact that the things that feel like disasters in your life, don't turn out to be disasters. That life throws you many curve balls. The things that seem like gifts, can turn out to be disastrous. And never to be surprised at how surprised you can be at life."

David O. Russell on the acting atmosphere on the set:  "It's like doing drugs. [Christian Bale has] described it like a waking dream. That's why I don't like to call 'cut.' Because once we get going, it's like you're in a dream. Or Jennifer has described it as like being high. And I don't want to interrupt that. Something is happening where everybody is over in that other world."

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