"Beyond Clueless"
"Beyond Clueless"

The British Film Institute launched an initiative in January during the Sundance Film Festival to give a boost to premiering UK films. The idea was to attract the attention of US distributors and help strengthen UK film campaigns via US distribution. It went well; they're extending the fund to SXSW 2014. 

The BFI is making up to £25,000 ($41,750) available to the US distributors who acquire the selected UK films. Here are those SXSW titles: "The Legend of Shorty," "Beyond Clueless," "The Possibilities are Endless," "Pulp" and "Soul Boys of the Western World."  The distributors are eligible to apply for the fund as long as they acquire one of the features within three months of its premiere at SXSW, and the intention of a theatrical release within a year after the acquisition. 

The Fund's director Ben Roberts said "With each of the eligible films at Sundance quickly securing U.S. distribution deals, we were very keen to extend the pilot to see if it has legs at SXSW, and explore further if it can help increase the visibility of a range of cultural British film in the all-important U.S. market."

Benefiting from the BFI's Film Fund at Sundance, Hong Khaou’s "Lilting," Stuart Murdoch’s "God Help the Girl" and Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard’s Nick Cave doc "20,000 Days on Earth" have secured US theatrical deals.

[Source: ScreenDaily]