BIZ: My Film Got Into Sundance or Be Careful What You Wish For

by Jon Kean

The Call

We got the phone call during our final mix. As I recall, we were screaming at the producer over her general lack of producing skill. This time it concerned music -- music that she had a friend of hers compose without our input. As she got off the phone, she said to the caller, "Does this mean you want to put your name back on the movie?" It was then that I suspected good news. "We're in. We got into Sundance," she crowed. (After a mediocre test screening, the co-financiers pulled their name off the film's credits, but at our Sundance premiere, they had inserted one of those cheesy sequences that triumphs their name before the movie begins.)

We got into Sundance. Four words that every independent filmmaker wants to hear. We