by Aaron Krach

Miramax is working "behind the scenes" to help Brazilian Congressman
Fernando Gabeira obtain a visa to the United States, against the wishes of
the American Ambassador to Brazil, Melvin Levitsky. Gabeira is the subject
of the upcoming film, "Four Days In September," being distributed by
Miramax. "Four Days in September," is about Gabeira's involvement in the
kidnapping of the American Ambassador to Brazil, in September 1969.
Following the kidnapping, Gabeira was imprisoned, tortured and exiled
before being granted full amnesty. Then he became a journalist and a member
of Brazil's Congress. "Four Days of September" is based on Gabeira's

Miramax is accusing the American Embassy of racism in its decision to
withhold a visa. In a separate case, an American judge denounced the United
States Consulate in Brazil for consistently making visa decisions based on
race and class appearances. Ambassador Levitsky told the New York Times,
"I'll tell anyone who asks that Fernando Gabeira, whatever his stripes,
will never get a visa to enter the United States."

"Four Days in September," is the Brazilian entry to the Academy Awards. It
will open in Los Angeles and New York on January 30.