The Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF) announced their lineup and their opening feature, "HairBrained," starring Brendan Fraser and Parker Posey. This year's festival runs May 31 - June 9 and takes place in Williamsburg with screenings held at indieScreen and Windmill Studios.

"HairBrained" centers on the plight of 14-year-old genius Eli Pettifog as he sets off to Whittman College, a second choice for Ivy League rejects. He is paired with another unlikely student, Leo, who is a 41-year-old seeking to start over after his gambling career ends. While initially less than trilled about their shared dorming situation, the odd pair form a friendship.

Read below for the full lineup. Go here for more info.

Narrative Features:

A Wife Alone (USA) Dir. Justin Reichman - World Premiere

Black Out (The Netherlands) Dir. Arne Toonen - East Coast Premiere

Cut to Black (USA) Dir. Dan Eberle - World Premiere

Detonator (USA) Dir. Damon Maulucci & Keir Politz - East Coast Premiere

Emmanuel and the Truth About Fishes (USA) Dir. Francesca Gregorini - East Coast Premiere

Flying Blind (UK) Dir. Katarzyna Klimkiewicz - New York Premiere

Giraffes (Jirafas) (Cuba) Dir. Enrique Álvarez - USA Premiere

HairBrained (USA) Dir. Billy Kent - World Premiere

Hank and Asha (USA) Dir. James E. Duff - East Coast Premiere

Sado Tempest (Japan) Dir. John Williams - East Coast Premiere

Sleeping with the Fishes (USA) Dir. Nicole Gomez Fisher  - World Premiere

Soft in the Head (USA) Dir. Nathan Silver - New York Premiere

Somewhere Slow (USA) Dir. Jeremy O'Keefe - East Coast Premiere

Documentary Features:

Ben: In the Mind’s Eye (USA) Dir. Iva Radivojevic - New York Premiere

Caffe Capri (USA) Dir. Casimir Nozkowski - World Premiere

Cavedigger (USA) Dir. Jeffrey Karoff - East Coast

Dragon Girls (Germany) Dir. Inigo Westmeier - USA Premiere

Exit Point (Poland) Dir. Jagoda Szelc - USA Premiere

Eternal Amazon (Brazil) Dir. Belisario Franca - USA Premiere

Forbidden Voices (Switzerland) Dir. Barbara Miller - New York Premiere

Furever (USA) Dir. Amy Finkel - New York Premiere

Glass Eyes of Locust Bayou (Canada) Dir. Simon Mercer - USA Premiere

A Hole in the Sky (France) Dir. Antonio Tibaldi & Àlex Lora Cercós - USA Premiere

Miles & War (Germany/Switzerland) Dir. Anne Thoma - USA Premiere

Mr. Angel (USA) Dir. Dan Hunt - New York Premiere

Not For Sale (USA) Dir. Matthew C. Levy - New York Premiere

The Real Motel Life (USA) Dir. Winnie Cheung - World Premiere

The Rink (USA) Dir. Sarah Friedland - New York Premiere

Rogalik (Poland) Dir. Pawel Ziemilski - USA Premiere

Scattered (USA) Dir. Lindsay Lindenbaum - USA Premiere

Venom & Fire (USA) Dir. Brandon Faris - USA Premiere

Without Shepherds (Pakistan) Dir. Cary McClelland - New York Premiere