CANNES 2000: Von Trier's "Dance," Competition Heat, and Aronofsky and Ang Return

Anthony Kaufman

One of the more ironic aspects of attending the Cannes Film Festival is that everyone is in a hurry - except those serving food. You may not have eaten in 7 hours. You may have a screening to go to in ten minutes. You may have to catch that shuttle to the next midnight party. But damn it, that French chef, waiter, cashier, is going to take their own sweet time. So just relax, get that after dinner digestif and let the stomach grumblings, movies, and parties wait along with everything else...

Yeah, right. Though glimmers of the festival's end are now finally on the horizon, Wednesday's fever-pitch screening of Lars von Trier's eagerly awaited "Dancer in the Dark" kept the pace here quick and electrifying. A major divider among critics who stuffed into the Wednesday morning press screening, "Dancer in the Dark" seems to elicit a different reaction in every viewer. Both rousing applause and boos followed the show, with audience members staggering out into the daylight -- some visibly shaken with tears down their faces, others shaking their heads in Trier-ian contempt.

In the film, Icelandic pop star Björk