Celluloid Dreams has announced a number of deals for two Berlinale titles, the fest competition entry "The Elementary Particles" and the Sundance award winner "Quinceanera". Oskar Roehler's "Particles" has already been sold in France (TFM), Benelux (ABC), Spain (Golem) , Italy (Lucky Red), Scandinavia (Non Stop Entertainment), South Korea (Sponge), Taiwan (Pandasia), Switzerland (Rialto), Portugal (Atalanta), Greece (Audiovisual), Canada (Seville), UK (Momentum), Israel (United King), Brazil (Providence), and Eastern Europe. Celluloid's Hengameh Panahi said in a statement today that the company has had multiple bidders for the adapation of the Michel Houellebecq novel, and she expects to close most major territories in the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile with Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer's "Quinceanera," even though the film still lacks a U.S. deal, Celluloid has sold the film in France (Memento), Belgium (Cineart), Spain (Golem), Italy (Theadora), Scandinavia (Non Stop Entertainment), South Korea (Sponge), Taiwan (Pandasia), Singapore (Festive Films), Austria (Polyfilm), Israel United King), and Switzerland (Filmcoopi), with deals in Canada and the UK currently being negotiated, according to Celluloid Dreams. [Eugene Hernandez]