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"The Ocean Does Not Care"

Tweetable Logline:

THE OCEAN DOES NOT CARE explores how American tourists rely on global inequalities to subsidize their leisure.

Elevator Pitch:

Americans travel to Mexico more than any other country in the world, because it's close, warm, and most importantly, cheap--relative low wages make it affordable for families and spring-breakers looking for an “all-inclusive” getaway. THE OCEAN DOES NOT CARE explores how local communities develop around tourist economies, in places like Cabo San Lucas, where the government has spent millions remodeling its marina for tourists even as many locals live in makeshift neighborhoods without electricity or water, or Cancun, where few of its six million annual visitors ever venture into the crumbling city of 700,000. 

Production Team:

The makers of "LIFELIKE" 2011

About the Production:

"What attracted us to this project was uneasiness with our own time spent as tourists, in different countries but especially in Mexico. With THE OCEAN DOES NOT CARE, we hope to inspire audience members to consider their own travel experiences and desires as countries across the world premise their economic development on tourism. We don't seek to condemn these tourist economies--we're approaching this film with curiosity and humility. But there is no doubt that beyond the sunset strips and shopping centers of hotel zones are communities of people whose culture and livelihoods have been fundamentally altered by our presence."

Current Status:


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