"The Mud"
"The Mud"

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"The Mud"

Tweetable Logline:

The Mud documentary, is the story of Haitian Immigration and Cultural Integration in the Bahamas

Elevator Pitch:

The Mud documentary, is the story of Haitian Immigration and Cultural Integration in the Bahamas, focusing on a Haitian shanty town nicknamed "The Mud", an illegal squatters city on Bahamian government land, that was once a swamp; over a four decade period it has developed into a micro-city of thousands of people. The Mud documentary seeks to explore the many complex socio-economic elements that converge to create this unique community and to share the personal and intimate stories of its people, as well as provide a diverse perspective on the controversial subject of Haitian immigration in Bahamian society.

Production Team:

Executive Producer/Director/Director of Photography: Tyler Johnston
Producer: John Cahall
Production Manager: Geoffrey Victor

About the Production:

As a Bahamian/American filmmaker who's many childhood friends came from the Mud, I can tell you it is both a magical and tragic place, full of amazing people and thier stories. This documentary seeks to educate an audience about how the Mud grew from a swamp to a micro city and why it continues to existence; to tell the inspiring stories of the many immigrants and thier descendants; and perhaps in a small way, provide an opportunity for a better life, to a hand full of my friends who are stuck in a cycle of poverty.

Current Status:

In production.

For more information and to support this project:

Production Company Website

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