"Some Kind of Spark"
"Some Kind of Spark"

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"Some Kind of Spark"

Tweetable Logline:

“Some Kind of Spark,” is a feature-length documentary that follows underserved inner city kids in the Music Advancement Program at The Juill

Elevator Pitch:

“Some Kind of Spark,” is a feature-length documentary that follows at risk inner-city kids through the Music Advancement Program at The Juilliard School. Independently produced and directed by Plow Productions—the only production company to have been granted unfettered access to the program—the film is an intimate look behind the scenes, from auditions to recitals, at home and in school—as the students are exposed to, and inspired by, the profound impact of music. Shot in HD over 2 years, the film will serve as an entertaining and educational reminder of the power and importance music plays in all of our lives.

Production Team:

Director/Producer/DP: Ben Niles ("Note By Note")
Editors: Purcell Carson ("Smile Pinki," "Semper Fi," "Note By Note"), Sara Pellegrini
DP's: Hope Hall, Ben Wolf

About the Production:

Music Education has been massively cut in US schools over the past decades, compromising our children’s education and jeopardizing our culture.

Since its inception in 1994, hundreds of kids have gone through Juilliard’s Music Advancement Program. Some have achieved musical greatness—though not really the point of the program—but all have achieved a higher level of education through their music studies.

Ultimately, this is a film about how music can transform lives. Hopefully, it will also serve as an inspiration for other programs across the nation to nurture two of our most valuable national treasures: our children and our musical heritage.

Current Status:


For more information and to support this project:

Kickstarter Page (campaign has ended)
Film Website

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