"Antboy" Will Be One of the Family-Friendly Films on The Dove Channel

Cinedigm has partnered with The Dove Foundation to launch Dove Movie Channel, a direct-to-consumer digital streaming subscription service targeted to families and kids.

The new streaming service will feature content from Cinedigm's library, as well as acquired content and original programming. All content released on the channel will meet the stringent guidelines of the Dove Seal in order to be programmed on the service: The Dove Foundation’s ratings system has the participation of all major studios and hundreds of independent distributors and producers. Dove's research shows that films endorsed by the company are three times more profitable than non-endorsed films. 

"Once entertainment content shifted to digital platforms, we began seeking a partner to provide instant access to Dove-approved faith and family movies and television series," said Dove Foundation co-founder and CEO Dick Rolfe. "Cinedigm is the ideal partner, perfectly suited to provide a robust inventory of Dove-approved content coupled with the latest digital technology available on multiple platforms."

Cinedigm Chairman and CEO Chris McGurk said, "We are excited to partner with The Dove Foundation to meet the acute need for an over the top subscription service providing pre-screened, curated and wholesome family-friendly content. The Dove Foundation offers families the highest degree of confidence that they will be viewing only appropriate entertainment from a source they can trust."

Cinedigm recently launched its first digital channel, Docurama, dedicated to documentaries. This fall, the company is launching the Comic Con-themed digital network ‘ConTV in partnership with WIZARD WORLD, the largest operator of Comic Con events in North America.