Cinequest San Jose Presents Maverick Film and Technology Awards

by Mark Rabinowitz

During this year's festival (January 29-February 4), filmmakers and
technology execs gathered at the Silicon Valley Capital Club to present the
Cinequest San Jose Film Festival's first Maverick Film and Technology
Awards. The awards were presented to both those that pioneered the
technology and those that pioneered its use. As mentioned in a previous
indieWIRE story, the Maverick Film and Technology Lifetime Achievement
Award was given to director Barry Sonnenfeld. The remaining awards were
given as follows:

Laurence J. Thorpe, Vice President of Sony's Advanced Systems Group; Kurt
B. Akeley, Vice President, chief engineer and co-founder of Silicon
Graphics Inc.
; John Knoll, co-creator of Adobe Photoshop and currently the
Visual Effects Supervisor with Industrial Light and Magic; Tom Ohanian,
Avid; Brad deGraf, Protozoa and Paul Vlahos, Co-founder of the Ultimatte


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