1998 Hamptons International Film Festival List

The following is the complete list of films that will screen at the 1998 Hamptons International Film Festival, set to take place from October 14 - October 18, 1998 on the Eastern End of Long Island.

"Living Out Loud," directed by Richard LaGravenese (U.S.) -- Opening Night

"The School of Flesh"("L'Ecole de la Chair") directed by Benoit Jacquot
(France) -- Closing Night

Spotlight Films

"Tango," directed by Carlos Saura (Spain/Argentina)

"With Friends Like These," directed by Philip F. Messina (U.S.)

"Little Voice," directed by Mark Herman (England)

Special Tribute

"The Party," Blake Edwards (U.S.), 1968

Archival Films

"The Bride Of Frankenstein," directed by James Whale
(U.S.), 1935

"City Lights," directed by Charlie Chaplin, (U.S.), 1931

"Grey Gardens," Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Ellen Hovde, Muffie Meyer,
(U.S.), 1975

"Help!," directed by Richard Lester (U.S.), 1965

"Jazztoons," 10 Animated Short Films Inspired By Jazz

"My Dinner With Andre," directed by Louis Malle (U.S.), 1981

"Petulia," directed by Richard Lester (U.S.), 1968

"Some Like It Hot," directed by Billy Wlder (U.S.), 1959


"Alma," directed by Ruth Leitman (U.S.)

"Dirt," directed by David Evans (U.S.)

"Letters Not About Love," Jacki Ochs, (U.S.)

"A Letter Without Words," Lisa Lewenz, (U.S.)

"The Life And Times Of Hank Greenberg," Aviva Kempner, (U.S.)

"Paulina," Vicky Funari, (U.S.)

"Pop," Joel Meyerowitz, (U.S.)

"Red, White, And Yellow," Marshall Dostal And Mark Littman, (U.S.)

"Vietnam: A Long Time Coming," Peter Gilbert, Gordon Quinn, Jerry Blumenthal, (U.S.)

Films About Filmmakers:

All About Andy

"Superartist," Juan Drago, (U.S.), 1967

"Andy Makes A Movie", Bob Smith, (U.S.), 1968

"15 Minutes", Mark F. Schwartz, (U.S.)

"Beauty #2", Andy Warhol, (U.S.)

"Brakhage," Jim Shedden, Canada

"The Voice Of Bergman," Gunnar Bergdahl, Sweden

"To Sang Foto Studio," Netherlands

Films About Performers:

American Masters:
"Leonard Bernstein, Reaching For The Note," Susan Lacy, (U.S.)

"Dancemaker," Matthew Diamond, (U.S.)

"God Said, 'Ha!'," Julia Sweeney, (U.S.)

"Storefront Hitchcock," Jonathan Demme, (U.S.)

Golden Starfish Competition: American Independents

"Cleopatra's Second Husband," Jon Reiss, (U.S.)

"Dark Harbor," Adam Coleman Howard, (U.S.)

"Drylongso," Cauleen Smith, (U.S.)

"Edge City," Eugene Martin, (U.S.)

"Going Nomad," Art Jones, (U.S.)

"Love From Ground Zero," Stephen Grynberg, (U.S.)

"One," Tony Barbieri, (U.S.)

"The Pigeon Egg Strategy," Max Makowski, (U.S.)/Hong Kong

"Side Streets," Tony Gerber, (U.S.)

"There's No Fish Food In Heaven," Eleanor E. Gaver, (U.S.)

"Tomorrow Night," Louis C.K., (U.S.)

"World Cinema:

"20 Dates," Myles Berkowitz, (U.S.)

"Bandits," Katja Von Garnier, Germany

"Better Living," Max Mayer, (U.S.)

"Blood Guts Bullets & Octane," Joe Carnahan, (U.S.)

"Birth Of A Butterfly," Mojtaba Raei, Iran

"The Children Of Heaven," Majid Majidi,

"Fragments * Jerusalem (Shivrei Tmunot Yerushalaim)," Israel

"Gods And Monsters," Bill Condon, (U.S.)

"Hi-Life," Roger Hedden, (U.S.)

"The Life Jacket Is Under Your Seat" ("El Salvavidas Debajo Del Asiento"), Leonardo Ricagni, Uruguay

"No Budget Story," Renos Haralambidis, Greece

"Pros: Brazilian Football Revisited"
("Boleiros: Era Uma Vez O Futebol"), Ugo Giorgetti, Brazil

Rachel Perkins,

"Secret Defense,"
Jacques Rivette,

"The Boys,"
Rowan Woods,

"The Theory Of Flight,"
Paul Greengrass,
United Kingdom

"Three Businessmen," Alex Cox,

"The Tic Code," Gary Winick, (U.S.)

"Wicked," Michael Steinberg, (U.S.)

"Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl,"
Joan Chen,

Special Presentations: "Four By Thor":

"Devil's Island," Fridrik Thor Fridrikkson,
Iceland, 1997

"Children Of Nature,"
Fridrik Thor Fridriksson,

"Cold Fever," Fridrik Thor Fridrikkson, Iceland

"White Whales,"
Fridrik Thor Fridriksson,

Lifetime Special Presentation:

"Life Of The Party: The Pamela Harriman Story,"
Waris Hussein,

1998 Student Film Showcase Competition:

Undergraduate Student Winners:

"Atomic Tabasco,"
New York University, James Cox, (U.S.)

"Drive," New York University, Directed by Adam Turner, (U.S.)

"Ethan's Tuesday," Florida State University Film School, Directed by Amy Dean, (U.S.)

"Omnibus," Los Angeles City College, Directed by Susan Tuan, (U.S.)

"Paper Ball" ("Pelota De Papel"), The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago, Directed By Carlos A. Ruiz, (U.S.)

1998 Student Film Showcase Competition:
Graduate Student Winners:

"A Short Wait Between Trains,"
American Film Institute,
Directed by Rick Wilkinson, (U.S.)

"The River ("El Rio"),
New York University,
Directed by Enrique Chediak, (U.S.)

"Fighting Grandpa,"
New York University,
Directed by Greg Pak, (U.S.)

"First Fidelity,"
University Of Southern California,
Directed by Melissa Gerrero, (U.S.)

"Kalin's Prayer," New York University, Directed by Desales Linton, (U.S.)

Golden Starfish Competition:

Shorts Program #1

"Human Remains, directed by Jay Rosenblatt,

"I Remember," directed by
Avi Zev Weider, David Chartier,

"Lemonade In October,"
directed by Flora Cohen,

Golden Starfish Competition:


"The Last Light," directed by
Carolyn Chen & Marcus Raboy,

"Lycanthrophobia," directed by
Harry Victor,

" 'Mad' Boy I'll Blow Your Blues Away. Be Mine.," directed by
Adam Collis,

"Parting Words," directed by Karl Slovin,

"Why Don't You Dance," directed by
Elizabeth Gottlieb,

"Women's Work" Shorts:

"24 Girls," directed by
Eva Ilona Brzeski,

"Moon Juice," directed by
Margie Strosser,

"Why I Live At The P.O.," directed by Jodie Markell

Non-Competition Shorts:

"The Bridge," directed by
Jo Kennedy, (Australia)

"Burnt," directed by Holger Gruss, Vera Sander (Germany)

"The Film Of Her," directed by Bill Morrison,

"The Floys Of Neighborly Lane," directed by Danielle Faraldo,

"Jesus Tells A Joke," directed by Nick Sadler,

"Raw Images From The Optic Cross," directed by Karl Nussbaum,

"They Were Not Silent: The Jewish Labor Movement And The Holocaust," directed by Roland Millman, (U.S.)