Twenty Five

Thanks to your votes, comedy web series "Twenty Five" won this weekend’s Project of the Week contest!

Congratulations to “Twenty Five" creator Josh Duboff. The filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and the film is now officially a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from the Sundance Institute.

Here's what the project's about:

TWENTY FIVE is a comedic web series about three high school best friends who are reunited in NYC two years out of college. Each aims to find a sense of belonging in New York amid fears that they aren't living up to their potential. Beryl's been embroiled in a tumultuous relationship and may be reaching her breaking point. Jimmy's been on a slew of OKCupid dates and hasn't been able to find a guy he can connect with. Now Taylor has joined them in NYC -- she's wide-eyed and full of hope, but that may not last for very long...

Stick around for this week's Project of the Week! Want your project to be considered? Tell us all about it.