Turns out that the hot TMZ-flavored mess of a documentary on Princess Diana's death we caught at Cannes will make it to the public.

Keith Allen's "Unlawful Killing," has snagged key distribution deals in several territories including Russia, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, there's also active interest in the U.S., though no deal has closed.

Here's what indieWIRE had to say about the film, financed by Al-Fayed's billionaire father, Mohamed:

Keith Allen’s “inquest into the inquest” of Princess Diana’s death was received by a humid crush of buyers and press drawn by the heat of controversy: In addition to its unabashed embrace of conspiracy theories surrounding the incident, there has been international outrage at the film’s would-be inclusion of a “gruesome” and “graphic” photo of a dying Diana.

Watch this space for more.