Criterion Collection Vine

"Badlands," "Modern Times" and "A Man Escaped" get a clever Vine treatment inspired by the Criterion Collection films' cover art.

Filmmaker Zachary Goldberg, who posted the Vine clips to his Tumblr and is not affiliated with Criterion, said he had developed the project as a pitch to the folks at Criterion. He originally envisioned it as a social media contest "that puts the tools of production directly in the hands of the user, affording anyone a chance to not only honor the history of film, but become active participants in its ongoing legacy."

Interestingly, Goldberg shot the Vine clips a little more than a month before Instagram Video came out—in other words, he didn't have access to the filters offered on Instagram and had to create the black and white imagery through makeup, costume, and art direction.

"I challenged my production team and myself to recreate pieces of the acclaimed Criterion cover art as a six second, in-motion videos," Goldberg wrote on his Tumblr.

He chose to kick the project off with Terence Malick's "Badlands," Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" and Robert Bresson's "A Man Escaped" because he was looking for "cover art that would be unique from one another, all reflecting different styles of filmmaking," according to his post.

You can check out the entire Criterion Collection library here. Which film do you think Goldberg should tackle next? Six seconds from "8 ½" or "Ace in the Hole"?