DAILY NEWS: Code Red Formed; Cannes Distribution Deals Sealed; Gaines
Taking Top AFI Fest Slot

by Anthony Kaufman and Andrea Meyer/indieWIRE

>> Cowboy and Antidote Unveil Code Red, New Distributor Takes "GeorgeWashington" and "In the Winter Dark"

(indieWIRE/05.15.00) -- Cowboy Booking International and
Antidote Films
announced the formation of a new U.S. distribution company late Sunday called Code Red -- they also unveiled the outfit's first two acquisitions:
David Gordon Green's acclaimed Amer-indie "George Washington," and
Australian director James Bogle's "In the Winter Dark." The company plans to acquire and support up to ten films a year that will be distributed
theatrically by Cowboy, the outfit responsible for the releases of Ziad
"West Beirut," Aviva Kempner's "The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg," and the upcoming "Benjamin Smoke" from Jem Cohen and Pete Sillen. A fund of $1 million has been raised by Antidote, Jeffrey Levy-Hinte's company (producer of "High Art"), to cover acquisition and distribution costs.

"Code Red will be an effective tool for connecting some of the best of
worldwide cinema to its audience," commented Cowboy Co-President John Vanco.
Along with Vanco and Levy-Hinte, the ubiquitous Cowboy Co-President and
Toronto Film Festival programmer Noah Cowan -- who can be seen around Cannes championing the films that others are afraid to -- will complete the
company's top triangle. At Saturday's "Girlfight" party, we asked Cowan what
he thought of the nearly 3-hour black and white Chinese opus, "Devils on the
," that screened the previous day. After gushing about its closing
shot, indieWIRE asked him whether he thought it would see the light of day
in the U.S. Though admitting that the film would likely lose money, he
proudly declared that he