DAILY NEWS: Hypnotic/Nibblebox Merge;
Violent Japanese Film in NYC; Media Fest Online

by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE

>> Hypnotic and Nibblebox Merge; Bartis Taking CEO Reigns

(indieWIRE/06.07.01) -- The same week that the online entertainment space
was shocked by massive layoffs at AtomShockwave will now also be known
as the week that two of the remaining players joined forces. An
announcement posted on the Hypnotic.com site today announces that the
Vivendi Universal backed dotcom is merging with Nibblebox.

The combined outfit will be known as Hypnotic -- visitors attempting to
access Nibblebox.com are now being re-directed to the Hypnotic front
page. Former head of NBC Studios (and Nibblebox co-founder) David Bartis is stepping in as the new CEO of the company, Nibblebox' Elizabeth Hamburg
will serve as Chairman, while Nibblebox co-founder (and filmmaker) Doug
will become Vice Chairman of Hypnotic and previous Hypnotic CEO
Jeremy Bernard is taking the position of President and COO. Daniel
will serve as Executive Vice President. As part of the
announcement, Hypnotic has announced a second round of financing
which was led by Vivendi Universal. [Eugene Hernandez]

>> Fukasaku's Ultra-Violent "Battle Royale" To Be Unleashed on New York

(indieWIRE/06.07.01) -- A guilty pleasure at this year's Rotterdam Film
, and a favorite of Internet guru Harry Knowles' Ain't It Cool News
site, Kinji Fukasaku's "Battle Royale" will have its New York premiere on
July 6 as part of Battles Without Honor and Humanity: The Films of Kinji
Fukasaku (July 5