DAILY NEWS: Next Wave's New Agenda; Fine Line and Kaufman; Castle Hill Deal and Creative Planet/GoodStory pact

by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE

>> Next Wave's Agenda 2000 Financing New Doc

(indieWIRE/6.15.00) -- Agenda 2000, the digital production arm of Next Wave
, announced yesterday that it is financing Maxie Collier's documentary,
"Paper Chasers," exploring hip-hop entrepreneurs. The movie is the second
being financed by Agenda 2000 -- the company is also backing Jordan
's "Manic" which is currently in production.

Collier is the creator of the DV Filmmaker's Website (www.dvfilmmaker.com)
and the self-published DV Filmmaker's Handbook. This is his third feature.
According to a company announcement, Collier and team will launch
ThePaperChasers.com -- a website connecting hip-hop entrepreneurs.

"After coming across an assortment of wack Hollywood offers, Next Wave Films
stepped forward with a deal that is completely in line with our
entrepreneurial and artistic vision for 'Paper Chasers