DAILY NEWS: Overbeck's "Tongues" Acquired by sputnik7

by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE

(indieWIRE/ 11.27.00) -- RESFEST 2000 audience award winner "Tongues
& Taxis
" by Michael Overbeck has been acquired by sputnik7.com for its film channel, according to Palm Pictures and sputnik7 Head of Acquisitions
and Co-Productions David Koh. In a prepared statement last week, RESFEST
Festival Director Jonathan Wells commented, "The surreal animation,
deceptively simple plot and strangely realistic characters in 'Tongues &
Taxis' were a huge hit with the RESFEST crowd...It's sure to become an
instant classic on the Web."

Overbeck, who studied animation at the Rhode Island School of Design,"
is also known for last year's short film, "Atlas Gets a Drink." The film
is joining the site as a RESFEST pick, an extension of RES Media Group's
long-term strategic partnership which was announced at this year's
Sundance Film Festival. [Eugene Hernandez]


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[DISCLOSURE: indieWIRE Publisher Karol Martesko is a member of the Board of
Directors of sputnik7.com and a co-founder of RES Magazine.]