DAILY NEWS: Palm and Sputnik Joining; Greek Fest Winners; "Buffalo Soldiers" Shooting

by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE

>> Blackwell Reportedly Merging Palm and Sputnik7

(indieWIRE/ 11.20.00) -- Chris Blackwell is combining his offline producer &
distributor Palm Pictures with his online film & music web outlet
sputnik7.com, according to a report from Inside.com. While the two
companies had been closely affiliated -- mogul Chris Blackwell serves as
Chairman of both companies -- the move will undoubtedly bolster sputnik7
thanks the $100 million round of financing that Palm secured this Spring.

Blackwell, whose Island Records made Bob Marley, U2 and Cat Stevens household names, also owns Ryko Distribution, a music concern. He will reportedly tap David Koh (head of Sputnik's acquisitions and co-productions)
to lead the merged outfit