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Darren Aronofsky, Clint Eastwood and Paul Verhoeven Will Participate in 2013 Tribeca Talks

Photo of Nigel M Smith By Nigel M Smith | Indiewire March 21, 2013 at 1:58PM

The 2013 Tribeca Film Festival today announced its lineup for their Talks panel series, and it's a doozy with talent like Clint Eastwood, Darren Aronofsky, Paul Verhoeven, Whoopi Goldberg and Richard Linklater all locked in to participate.
Before Midnight

The 2013 Tribeca Film Festival today announced its lineup for their Talks panel series, and it's a doozy with talent like Clint Eastwood, Darren Aronofsky, Paul Verhoeven, Whoopi Goldberg and Richard Linklater all locked in to participate.

The festival also announced four new film additions to their slate: Verhoeven's latest, "Tricked," whose screenplay was crowd-sourced; the documentaries "How to Make Money Selling Drugs" and "Out of Print"; and the world premiere of screening footage from "Beyond: Two Souls," a new interactive video game, scheduled for release in October on PlayStation 3. Talent from all four projects will speak after their respective screenings.

The full schedule for the 2013 Tribeca Talks series follows on page one and two:

“Tribeca Talks: Directors Series”

Mira Nair with Bryce Dallas Howard

Acclaimed writer, director and producer Mira Nair (The Namesake, Monsoon Wedding) in conversation with actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

DATE: Saturday, April 20
TIME: 3:30 PM

Jay Roach with Ben Stiller

Emmy Award®-winning director Jay Roach (“Game Change”) in conversation with actor Ben Stiller.

DATE: Sunday, April 21
TIME: 3:00 PM

Richard Linklater with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy

Director and Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter Richard Linklater in conversation with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy about their Before Sunrise series collaboration and most recent installment, Before Midnight.

DATE: Monday, April 22
TIME: 3:30 PM

Clint Eastwood

Academy Award®-winning director Clint Eastwood will be in conversation with Academy Award®-nominee Darren Aronofsky following the world premiere of Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story.

Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story

Directed by Richard Schickel. (USA) – World Premiere.

This unprecedented new film focuses on Eastwood’s directorial method thanks to producing partners and fellow actors sharing never-before-told stories of working with Clint.  It explores Eastwood’s signature style, dissecting the skills that have ensured his four decades of success.  Bringing together the insights of Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and many others, the film creates the complete picture of the man, the colleague, the creator.  Courtesy of Warner Bros. © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

DATE: Saturday, April 27
TIME: 2:30 PM

Tribeca Talks: After the Movie”


Directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour.  (Saudi Arabia, Germany) – US Premiere.

Meet Wadjda (Waad Mohammed), a feisty, funny and wholly unconventional ten-year-old girl determined to scrounge up enough money to buy a bicycle, despite the societal repercussions sure to follow.  The groundbreaking first feature film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia and the first by a female Saudi filmmaker, Wadjda offers a moving, rarely seen picture of everyday life in Riyadh: through the eyes of a girl unwilling to surrender what she wants.

After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with filmmaker Haifaa Al-Mansour and founder of Women for Women International Zainab Salbi to discuss the brave individuals and grassroots movements that are breaking gender boundaries and creating lasting change. Moderated by journalist and social and political activist Gloria Steinem.

DATE: Sunday, April 21
TIME: 5:30 PM

I Got Somethin’ to Tell You

Directed by Whoopi Goldberg. (USA) – World Premiere.

Having broken racial and sexual boundaries as a pioneering comic talent, the late Moms Mabley has long been an icon in the comedy world. Now Whoopi Goldberg takes a deep dive into Mabley’s legacy via recently unearthed photography, rediscovered performance footage and the words of numerous celebrated comedians. A true passion project for Goldberg, I Got Somethin’ to Tell You shows Mabley’s profound influence as a performer vastly ahead of her time.

After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with Whoopi Goldberg, who will discuss her directorial debut.  She will explain, through the work of comedian Moms Mabley, why we laugh, who we think is funny and what comedy is really all about.  Moderated by The Hollywood Reporter’s David Rooney.

SPECIAL EVENT exclusively for American Express® Cardmembers

DATE: Monday, April 22
TIME: 6:00 PM


Directed by Paul Verhoeven. (Netherlands) – North American Premiere.

Join acclaimed director Paul Verhoeven (Total Recall, Basic Instinct) as he steps into the creative unknown to test a brand new style and structure of crowd-sourced filmmaking. Having established only the first four minutes of the script for a new feature, Verhoeven asks the public to complete the story. Tricked follows Verhoeven as he gathers ideas, hunts for an intriguing narrative and turns his craft into one of the more unlikely experiments in democratic art.

After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with director Paul Verhoeven as he takes us through the uncharted process of making an audience-created film – his ups, his downs and his unexpected creative breakthroughs. 

DATE: Tuesday, April 23
TIME: 6:30 PM

How to Make Money Selling Drugs

Directed by Matthew Cooke. (USA) – US Premiere.

Moving from desperate street dealers to millionaire kingpins, from well-funded DEA agents to politicians who ensure reelection through egregious drug laws, Matthew Cooke’s debut feature is a captivating, shockingly candid guide to the entrenched, corrupt and violent drug industry in which these players each inhabit a vital role. 50 Cent, Eminem, Susan Sarandon, Woody Harrelson and a wealth of inside voices color this outstanding, detailed documentary.

After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with director Matthew Cooke, producers Adrian Grenier and Bert Marcus, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Neill Franklin, president of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation Eric Sterling and the author of HIGH: Confessions of an International Drug Smuggler Brian O’Dea to discuss the grim underbelly of the oft-glamorized drug trade.. Moderated by Huffington Post contributor Keith Rushing.

DATE: Thursday, April 25
TIME: 6:00 PM

And the Band Played On

Directed by Roger Spottiswoode. (USA).

Celebrating its twentieth anniversary, And the Band Played On aired at the height of the AIDS epidemic in the early ‘90s, examining the facts surrounding the deadly disease and debunking many of its myths.  The film won three Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Made for Television Movie. Topping the incredible ensemble cast is Matthew Modine, who received Emmy and Golden Globe-nominations for his poignant portrayal of a doctor who heads an American research team.  Sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

After the Movie: Exploring the Science of AIDS and the Arts.  Join us for a panel conversation featuring leading figures from film and science about the science of AIDS and the social politics surrounding the AIDS epidemic from the 1980s until now. The panel will explore how the AIDS crisis has activated a cross section of storytelling amongst scientists, artists and politicians. Moderated by filmmaker Tom Kalin.

DATE: Saturday, April 27
TIME: 3:30 PM

Beyond: Two Souls

Directed by David Cage. (USA) – World Premiere.

From Quantic Dream and David Cage, visionary director of Heavy Rain, comes an emotionally charged interactive thriller starring Academy Award®-nominees Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.  Jodie Holmes (Page) has always been a little different.  Aided by scientist Nathan Dawkins (Dafoe), she discovers a connection to a mysterious entity, setting off a thrilling, globe-spanning journey to discover the truth about who she is.  Join us for an exclusive look at this breathtaking gaming experience fused with a classical film style.  Beyond: Two Souls releases on October 8, 2013 and is made exclusively for the PlayStation 3® System.

After the Screening: Join game creator David Cage and actress Ellen Page for a behind-the-scenes look at this breakthrough in interactive storytelling.  Moderated by video game journalist Harold Goldberg.

DATE: Saturday, April 27
TIME: 7:00 PM

Out of Print

Directed by Vivienne Roumani. (USA) – World Premiere.

Dive into the riveting debate over the future of ideas, as documentarian Vivienne Roumani tackles the questions confronting the modern word industry and proves that more is at stake than how quickly we can access the latest bestseller. Featuring interviews with Scott Turow, Ray Bradbury, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and many more, Out of Print is a fascinating, in-depth look at publishing’s milestones and what it means to adapt that history to the information age.  Narrated by Meryl Streep.

After the Movie: Join president and CEO of the New York Public Library Tony Marx, CEO of Open Road Integrated Media Jane Friedman, filmmaker Vivienne Roumani and science writer Annie Murphy Paul for an exploration of our shifting relationship with books and a glimpse into our future learning. Moderated by The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta.

DATE: Sunday, April 28
TIME: 1:30 PM

Inequality for All

Directed by Jacob Kornbluth. (USA) – New York Premiere.

Robert Reich is your guide in this no-holds-barred assessment of the U.S. economy.  With winningly approachable finesse, the Clinton-era Labor secretary and current Berkeley professor covers the consolidation of wealth, the stagnation in wages and the elasticity of our economy.  Director Jacob Kornbluth builds a rigorous and engaging overview of where the economy stands and the risks that will become reality if we fail to act.

After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with producers Jen Chaiken and Sebastian Dungan as well as political economist, professor and author Robert Reich who will discuss the widening income gap and deterioration of the USA’s economic health.

DATE: Sunday, April 28
TIME: 4:30 PM

Tribeca Talks: After the Movie, Beyond the Screens: The Artist’s Angle


Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

Directed by Chiemi Karasawa. (USA) – World Premiere.

Broadway legend Elaine Stritch remains in the spotlight at eighty-seven years old. Join the uncompromising Tony and Emmy Award-winner both on and off stage in this revealing documentary. With interviews from Tina Fey, Nathan Lane, Alec Baldwin and others, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me blends rare archival footage and intimate cinema vérité to reach beyond Stritch’s brassy exterior, revealing a multi-dimensional portrait of a complex woman and an inspiring artist.

After the Movie: Stay for a fun and lively conversation with filmmaker Chiemi Karasawa and the high-kicking Elaine Stritch, who shares her stories, tricks of the trade and the industry dish that you just won’t want to miss.  Moderated by The New York Times’ Charles Isherwood.

DATE: Monday, April 22
TIME: 5:30 PM

Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic

Directed by Marina Zenovich. (USA) – World Premiere.

This moving portrait of legendary comedian Richard Pryor chronicles his life from his troubled youth in Peoria, Illinois, to his meteoric rise as one of the most respected comic actors of the 20th century. Often misunderstood during the height of his celebrity, the late superstar has never been profiled this extensively. Marina Zenovich’s revealing and entertaining film lays bare the demons with which he struggled and reminds us just how daring and dangerous artistic freedom can be.

After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with Emmy Award®-winning director Marina Zenovich, author Walter Mosley and comedian Wyatt Cenac to discuss the making of the documentary and the impact of one of Hollywood’s most controversial comedians.

DATE: Wednesday, April 24
TIME: 6:00 PM

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