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David Cronenberg DVD Covers Come to Life Six Seconds at a Time via Vine

Photo of Paula Bernstein By Paula Bernstein | Indiewire November 19, 2013 at 11:56AM

Filmmaker Zachary Goldberg brings David Cronenberg's Criterion Collection cover art to life in six second vine clips.
Criterion Cronenberg Vine
Zachary Goldberg

Back in July, filmmaker Zachary Goldberg posted Vine clips inspired by cover art from classic films from the Criterion Collection. He kicked off the project with videos inspired by cover art for Terence Malick's "Badlands," Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" and Robert Bresson's "A Man Escaped."

In the newest round of Criterion Vines, Goldberg (who is not affiliated with the Criterion Collection) honors the cinema of David Cronenberg with six-second videos inspired by the Criterion Collection DVD covers for Cronenberg's films "Videodrome," "Dead Ringers" and "Naked Lunch." On his Tumblr, Goldberg explains why he decided to create Vines inspired by Cronenberg, writing:

"Cronenberg’s cinema was such a treat to explore, dissect, and incorporate. Cronenberg is unsettling, beautiful (often a grotesque beauty, but beauty nonetheless), and transformative. His cinema is one of transformation, obsessed with the idea of individual man as a kind of social construct, our identity shaped and molded by external forces in ways we may not even be conscience of. His films appears to exist in an illusory state, yet remain so tangible that we can’t help but be affected by them long after the theater lights go up."

See the videos below and check out The Criterion Collection.


"Dead Ringers:"

"Naked Lunch:"

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