Project of the Month June 2013

June is about to end, and we've got to decide June's Project of the Month. The project that receives the most votes for Project of the Month will receive a consultation from our Project of the Month partner, Tribeca Film Institute!

Voting will be open until Friday June 28 at 5 PM Eastern.

"Air Sex Championships: Making Love Out of Nothing At All"

"Air Sex: Making Love Out of Nothing At All" is a documentary about one of the weirdest live touring shows that's ever existed — the Air Sex World Championships. Air Sex is like Air Guitar, except competitors pretend to make love onstage with a partner who isn’t there. Also, Air Sex isn’t boring (Air Guitar totally sucks). The film will follow comedian Chris Trew as he brings the 2013 tour across America, culminating in the 2013 Finals in New Orleans (the first time the finals have been held outside of


Imagine Roald Dahl's "Matilda" complete with the themes of education and the importance of family, but set in India and as a drama.

The story begins with the now older titular character Sharbat, getting stranded in a railway station where she had once escaped from and she flashes back to the years leading up to her inevitable departure. We follow Sharbat, an inquisitive and ambitious little girl, in a family where the women are not allowed to be literate. She enlists her mother’s help to learn to read clandestinely, but when she is discovered, has no choice but to escape.

"Know How"

KNOW HOW is not a documentary nor is it fiction. It’s a new hybrid approach for using film to create social change. Instead of professional screenwriters and actors, these stories are written and performed by a cast of ordinary foster care youth, and their performances are powerful, moving, and eye-opening. KNOW HOW is a musical that brings authentic voices and unseen stories to the screen. It's a bit of a cross between The Wire and Glee, but not really. And it really aims at driving social change.

"Bug People"

Bug People is a heartfelt, intimate drama that explores themes of loss and family in a rural lakeside community off the Appalachian Trail. It follows a family as they try to grapple with the death of their father and husband (a bug exterminator), while having to quickly adapt in order to stay afloat. Each character in this multifaceted narrative faces unique challenges: June, the mother, is unemployable, her teenage daughter Dani must work at a wallpaper factory to make ends meet, and Remy, their youngest child attempts to fill the roll of "man of the house".

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