Project of the Month September 2013

It's time to choose September's Project of the Month. The project that receives the most votes for Project of the Month will receive a consultation from our Project of the Month partner, Tribeca Film Institute!

Voting will be open until Friday October 4 at 5 PM Eastern.

"Off Track"

As the Mexican-American War rages, rumors of gold lead cartographer Patrick O’Sullivan to desert the army in search of riches in the unmapped regions of California. He and his companions find themselves lost and near death when they stumble upon an unlikely guide – Pul, a Shaman of the Cahuilla tribe. As Patrick uses Pul to search for gold he discovers that the shaman has his own motives assisting him map the land. This discovery redirects Patrick’s egotistic journey into a historical opportunity to focus his life on a mission greater than himself.

"Oh, Liza"

OH, LIZA is a webseries about a girl who pulls the emergency brake on her life in hopes of moving back home with Mom and Dad. Arriving in suburban New Jersey, Liza discovers that her parents have rented her childhood bedroom to a stranger, a dude in his twenties, also trying to figure it out. Navigating this bizarre living situation, reconnecting with old friends while avoiding others and rethinking what it means to call yourself an adult are among the hazards of suburbia in this charmingly uncomfortable new series about the consequences of trying to press pause on your life.

"Trust, Greed, Bullets & Bourbon"

A group of thieves reunite five years after a failed heist to determine what went wrong and who is to blame as they attempt to recover the missing loot. Starring: Max Casella (The Sopranos, Blue Jasmine, Inside Llewyn Davis, Killing Them Softly, Spike Lee's OldBoy) and 4x Tony-nominated actor Danny Burstein (Boardwalk Empire). This is the debut feature from writer/director Scott Kawczynski.

"You Are Your Body // You Are Not Your Body"

The Evans family has never been happy. After a decade of estrangement, it takes the death of Dinah Evans to bring her four children back together. As old tensions threaten to destroy the calm that each sibling has struggled to maintain, salvation presents itself in an unlikely form: a mysterious woman who inspires unwavering devotion enters their lives, offering freedom from all pain.

But as her cult closes in on the siblings, the vacant eyes and plaster smiles of her followers beg the question: is freedom from suffering worth the cost?

"License to Operate"

Shot over the summer of 2013, LTO: License to Operate is a feature-length documentary about former gang members who have come together on a mission to stop the violence they were once a part of. These men earned a “license to operate” based on their histories as leaders in their respective gangs. This status now empowers them to negotiate on behalf of the community, resolving conflicts and limiting retaliation killings. In a genre that focuses on violence, License to Operate is about a viable, working solution coming from within.

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