Project of the Month April 2013

April showers have come and gone, and it's now time to choose one of our Projects of the Week to be named April's Project of the Month. The project that receives the most votes for Project of the Month will receive a consultation from our Project of the Month partner, Tribeca Film Institute!

Voting will be open until Friday May 10 at 5 PM Eastern.

"Like Me"

Like Me is about Kiya, an attention starved loner who wants nothing more than to become famous. She travels throughout the country robbing convenience stores for junk food while recording her crimes with her cell phone. Kiya uses the internet as a platform to reinvent herself as a modern day outlaw.

She makes fools of store clerks with her fake guns, binges on copious amounts of sugar, and searches for validation through social media while exploiting the voyeur in all of us. How far will she go to become a celebrity?


No one is who they seem. Not even you.

TEN is a collectivist, post-exploitation psychological thriller devised as a possible explanation for the events of the 1972 Spektor Island Massacre. On a cold December afternoon, ten women arrive at a mansion on Spektor Island, famed for years of reported hauntings and strange activities.

The all-female cast film is a response to exploitation, slasher, and thriller films, with particular focus on the storytelling prominent in b-movies and genre films from the 1950s-1980s. It explores the meaning and fluidity of identity and takes a number of surprising turns.

"Who We Were and Where We Lived"

"Who We Were and Where We Lived" is a short film set in the childhood imagination of Pip, a young boy living in the heart of Brooklyn. Pip romanticizes history, longing to live in another era, where--in his eyes--things were perfect and exciting, and big historic moments were made.

With the arrival of his twelfth birthday, Pip is forced to give up his fantasies of the past, come to terms with the reality of his own circumstances, and learn to appreciate the present day.

Pip must find a way to make his own history, rather than live in someone else's.

"The Miguel Sano Story"

At 15 years old Miguel Sano was plucked from obscurity and poverty in the Dominican Republic and put on a path towards the Majors. Today he is one of baseball's top prospects and could be a star in the Big Leagues in a few short years. But baseball is the easy part. Miguel faces a jarring acculturation to American life, a painful separation from his family and a growing web of hangers-on seeking to capitalize on his success. We will tell, for the first time ever on film, the complete story of a major athlete's rise from anonymity to superstardom.

"U R Not Alone"

Set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Joe’s trinket shop symbolizes a fusion of two worlds: where antiquated American-Italian ideals meet young liberal minds.

U R Not Alone depicts the evolution of an unlikely friendship between this controversial man and two young women and continues with their dilemma once he is arrested. As they delve deeper into investigating Joe’s crimes and past, they bring audiences on their moral roller coaster ride - questioning the intrinsic societal predicaments he stands for. 

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