Project of the Month March 2013

It's no longer March and it's now time to choose one of our Projects of the Week to be named March's Project of the Month. The project that receives the most votes for Project of the Month will receive a consultation from our Project of the Month partner, Tribeca Film Institute!

Voting will be open until Friday April 5 at 5 PM Eastern.


"Yabanci", a multilingual comedy set in Istanbul, is the story of Mo, a young adult about to leave to study in America. Mo is already an expatriate living in a foreign land and on his last night in Turkey he comes to face what home and friendship mean to him. It is a bittersweet journey where he realizes what he has taken for granted, his best friend Mina, his life in a beautiful city, and his family. In the end he must break down his self constructed barriers and accept his home, despite the hardships that come with it.

"Twenty Five"

TWENTY FIVE is a comedic web series about three high school best friends who are reunited in NYC two years out of college. Each aims to find a sense of belonging in New York amid fears that they aren't living up to their potential. Beryl's been embroiled in a tumultuous relationship and may be reaching her breaking point. Jimmy's been on a slew of OKCupid dates and hasn't been able to find a guy he can connect with. Now Taylor has joined them in NYC -- she's wide-eyed and full of hope, but that may not last for very long...

"Chasing Robert Barker"

David is a photographer with a tormented past and a solitary lifestyle who now works as a paparazzi in London. His very limited social circle revolves around his work and a manipulative tabloid journalist, Olly.

One night, David receives a tip off from a source, and manages to snap famous film actor Robert Barker dining with a young brunette. Not satisfied, Olly pushes David into pursuing Robert Barker to get more compromising pictures of the couple. In this chase, David's past starts unravelling, and he's forced to face the damage that a tabloid fabrication caused to his own life.


Shadowtrain will illuminate the cost of the destruction of the Native American community; to both the indigenous population as well as to their European conquerors. The documentary will reveal the qualities inherent in indigenous people’s world views that should be recognized and adopted if we all, collectively, intend to not only survive, but to find a way to live happier, more meaningful lives. While engaging a wide variety of opinions from notable activists, authors, artists, elders and shaman, politicians and government officials, clergy, teachers and everyday people, the film will reveal its message through a powerful music-driven road trip.

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